Vlog 18 Lifestyle Modifications Its a Wrap

by chika Akwiwu

Lifestyle Modification Series – Its a Wrap y’all … In this week’s video I shared my favorable tips to stay healthy. Its not about fad diets or rapid weight loss schemes.. It is about INTENTIONALLY eating NUTRIENT RICH FOODS low in fat, high fiber, more plant protein, reduced sugar, low salt etc .. Foods with POWERFUL CANCER FIGHTING PROPERTIES!!! to help reduce our RISKS for BC and other Cancers. EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES is the Ultimate Prevention… As a result of my previous diagnosis of Breast Cancer, I am constantly challenged to become creative and eat intentionally to help REDUCE my risk for re occurrence. PLEASE SHARE your FAVORITE tips on staying healthy and Lets encourage each other !!!……Please JOIN our ADVOCACY program by SHARING our AWARENESS VIDEOS. You can check out the other videos on my you tube channel @ “The African Barbie Breast Cancer” THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OUR ADVOCATES!!!!!!!! Love you all!! Yours Truly–
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Million braids Wig by the lovely Nneka Abor please contact her for any color of your choice
Dress by my fav Bijelly Couture

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