by chika Akwiwu

Proteins and SPICES!! My most exciting video yet!! In this week’s video I confessed to … and completely lost it!!! I also shared about SPICING up your life with these CANCER FIGHTING SPICES .. Did you know that TUMERIC, GARLIC, OREGANO and CAYENNE PEPPER have some POWERFUL CANCER FIGHTING PROPERTIES!!! They have Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, Anti Oxidants properties, Vitamins and Minerals….. Seriously?? It gets better… They may help STOP, REDUCE and KILL cancer cells !!! Not just Breast Cancer but other Cancers too!! One of these spices can actually help you lose weight?? Find out which one…As a result of my previous diagnosis of Breast Cancer, I am constantly challenged to become creative and eat intentionally to help REDUCE my risk for re occurrence. Lets SPICE UP our lives y’all !!!……Please JOIN our ADVOCACY program by SHARING our AWARENESS VIDEOS. You can check out the other videos on my you tube channel @ “The African Barbie Breast Cancer” THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OUR ADVOCATES!!!!!!!! Love you all!! Yours Truly–
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