VLOG 14 Vegetables

by chika Akwiwu

Eating the Right Servings of Vegetables may help reduce your risk to BC and other diseases!! This week in our Lifestyle Modification series we discuss different CANCER FIGHTING Vegetables that we should include in our diet – Eating vegetables make you feel good, contains HIGH nutrients, LOW in calories and more importantly can boost your immunity and help your body in detoxification. . As a result of my previous diagnosis of Breast Cancer, I am constantly challenged to include the right nutritious Vegetables that contain Cancer Fighting compounds to help REDUCE my risk for re occurrence. Please JOIN our ADVOCACY program by SHARING our AWARENESS VIDEOS. You can check out the other videos on my you tube channel @ “The African Barbie Breast Cancer” Thank you!!! Love you all!! Yours Truly–
#‎Survivor #‎Ambassador… See you next week when we review Proteins and Carbohydrates

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